It has to be clean.

The commitment to purity (former DIN 32621 standard) applies to the entire lighter refill system.

This refill system comprises:

  • lighter gas
  • cans and
  • valve system

 This ensures the following advantages for retailers and consumers

Consistent premium gas quality:

  • Ultrapure isobutane gas
  • Combustion free of residue and unpleasant smells
  • Continuous flame with no need for subsequent adjustment, as the Fessmann & Hecker lighter gas is a product of only one pure gas fraction (no mixture)

High-quality container materials:

  • Inert containers, i. e. no contamination of the lighter gas.

Highly reliable valve system:

  • Special gaskets ensuring high gas purity
  • Valve system with solid brass stem for save filling of refillable gas lighters.

See for yourself which lighter gas supplier deserves your confidence:

Low-grade lighter gas containing a mixture of different gases and non-volatile impurities can ruin your lighter as these accumulate gradually in the lighter tank.

Fessmann & Hecker Quality:

Top-grade premium lighter gas without impurities (pure isobutane gas).